Why a Circumcised Man Should Read

Sex As Nature Intended It 

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This is one of the most important books you'll ever read in your lifetime.  Knowing its information will dramatically improve sex for both you and your female partner.  In the end, it will not only bring YOU greater sexual pleasure, but because your female partner will enjoy sex so much more, SHE'll desire it more often.  And the increased pleasure you'll both experience—new pleasure you've never experienced before—will bring you closer together in mind and spirit, thereby increasing your relationship happiness and helping to ensure the continued success of your marriage or relationship.

The above is not hyperbole to encourage you to read the book.  Every word is true.  Even if you think you don't have a problem, this book will benefit you—and your female partner—with some great sexual tips not found in any other book, including, a simple solution to premature ejaculation and how to guarantee that your partner has a vaginal orgasm every time.

First of all, it is important for you to know that most of the world's men (approximately 80%) are not circumcised. Routine circumcision is practiced by only a few countries.  Circumcision is not the standard in the world; it is the exception.

However, since the United States is a circumcising country, most American men are circumcised. For this reason, bringing the importance of the foreskin into the spotlight would seem to present an insolvable problem.
 But luckily, there is a solution for circumcised men (and the women they share their bed with).

But before we talk about the solution, let's identify the problem.

Shockingly, irrefutable evidence now demonstrates that circumcision has profound adverse affects on the sexual pleasure of both the man and his female partner.  By altering the structure and functions of the penis, circumcision abnormalizes the intercourse experience, not only for the man, but also for the woman on the receiving end of the penis.

  • Does your wife (or girlfriend) try to put you off when you want sex?

  • Does she seem to just go through the motions without really getting into it?

  • Does your wife (or girlfriend) try to put you off when you want sex?

  • Does she have trouble achieving orgasm?

  • Does she fake orgasm (millions of women do)?

  •  Does sex for you not measure up to your expectations?

  • Do you prematurely ejaculate?  Or conversely, does it take you longer than you want to reach orgasm?

Sex As Nature Intended It clearly shows that surgical alteration of the penis—circumcision—can be the root cause of all these problems, and more.

Now the solution.

As a man who is circumcised, could you imagine getting your "foreskin" back again?  

Yes, this is now possible.  More and more, as men begin to read and hear that they can "reverse" their circumcision, they are choosing to "regrow" their foreskin using various non-surgical techniques (that expand and extend the penile shaft skin).  This is known as foreskin restoration.  For details, visit:  http://www.restoringtally.com

Men who have restored speak glowingly of the increased sexual pleasure they derive and the full-body, awesome orgasms they now experience.  One man described it this way: 

"While restoring, I experienced sensations in my developing foreskin that were NEW to me.  Not just MORE of the same, but NEW to me.  And sensations during intercourse that were new, also.  Not just MORE sensation, but NEW sensations! Masturbation used to be great, but now, it's SOO great.  So full of newly developing sensations, so much BETTER.  Restoring took THE most pleasurable thing in my life, and made it better ten-fold!"

And from the woman's point of view (keep in mind that intercourse is a two-way street), let me tell you that your female partner will experience PHENOMENAL increases in her pleasure once you're restoring.  (The astounding differences the natural / restored penis makes to a woman are thoroughly covered in the book.)  Not only will this prodigious betterment in her sexuality cause her to want sex more often (benefiting you), but your personal self-esteem will be enhanced immensely by knowing that you are TRULY sending her to Cloud Nine.

Still, the idea of foreskin restoration may strike you as strange and bizarre.  But as you come to realize the paramount importance of the foreskin to the sexual pleasure of both yourself and your female partner (and the love bond that develops from sexual union), it will begin to seem a very reasonable and realistic solution for today's circumcised men.

As the sexuality detriments of circumcision gain national prominence—which is destined to happen, and is already happening—men will assuredly want to restore.  And their female partners will be enthusiastically encouraging them to do so.

Several major magazines have recently published articles on the negative aspects of circumcision.  There will be no escaping this issue.  In fact, the decline of circumcision may soon be hastened by a national law making it illegal.  As you may know, FEMALE CIRCUMCISION IS OUTLAWED IN THE UNITED STATES (1996) (immigrants were requesting it of U.S. doctors).  There is a movement afoot to have male circumcision outlawed in the same way.  The challenge is being made that the 14th Amendment to the Constitution guarantees gender equality.  Since it is illegal to cut away parts of a female's genitals, it should be illegal for someone to cut away part of a male's genitals.  At some point, male circumcision will be illegal.  When this happens—which it is destined to—America's eyes will be abruptly awakened to the many detriments of circumcision.  This is just one more reason why you want to consider restoration NOW.  By the time this historic law takes effect, you will be fully restored, and your self-image will already be healed.  Plus you will already be reaping the prodigious improvements restoration brings to your sexuality.

In short, the Foreskin Restoration Revolution has begun.

The circumcision rate in America is falling (presently around 56%).  But in the not-too-distant past, nearly 90% of newborn males were circumcised.  During the 20th century in America, circumcision was performed routinely by the medical community, principally because it was believed to have medical benefits—benefits that have now been discredited.  The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recently conducted a two-year intensive review of the medical literature on circumcision from the last 40 years.  As a result, they issued a policy statement in March, 1999, declaring that existing scientific evidence demonstrating potential medical benefits of newborn male circumcision "are not sufficient to recommend routine neonatal [infant] circumcision." Subsequently, in August, 2000, the American Medical Association (AMA), the largest medical association in America, posted a statement on their website concurring with the AAP's findings, saying routine infant circumcision is "non-therapeutic" and unnecessary.  Because of the above, the already declining rate will undoubtedly continue to spiral downward as more people become informed on this important issue.

In the latest update (2014), the AAP equivocates somewhat.  But it still does not recommend routine male circumcision.  Here is their most recent statement:

"Although health benefits are not great enough to recommend routine circumcision for all male newborns, the benefits of circumcision are sufficient to justify access to this procedure for families choosing it."

Unfortunately, in coming to their conclusion, the AAP did not take into consideration the sexual significance of the foreskin was. This will prove to be an embarrassing oversight on their part.

Parents in increasing numbers are saying no to circumcision.  Soon the natural (uncircumcised) penis will be the norm in this country. That's just one more reason why you'll want to restore.

Have you ever wondered . . . ?

  • Why nature equips every baby boy with a foreskin (a fold of "extra" skin at the front of the penis that enwraps the penis head).

Would it surprise you to learn that . . . ?

  • Circumcision removes much more than just a little "extra" skin...it removes highly erogenous tissue.  And it impairs much of the neurological "wiring" in the penis that transmits pleasure sensations to the brain.

  • Recent medical research affirms that the "little snip" of skin removed at an infant's circumcision would ultimately grow to become approximately half (12-15 square inches) of the penile skin system of the adult natural penis.  This means that the circumcised penis has only 1/2 the shaft skin nature intended.  This causes overly tight erections because too much swollen tissue is packed into too little skin—and this causes the penis's nerves to become stifled, decreasing the man's pleasure.

  • Masturbation is impaired.  The absence of skin noted above does not allow masturbation to be performed normally.  The extra skin the foreskin affords (when it's transferred to the shaft upon erection) allows the shaft skin to be mobile; thus, the hand and shaft skin glide up and down as a unit. In contrast, the circumcised penis usually has little or no extra shaft skin, so the hand frictionizes the shaft and men are driven to using artificial lubricants.

    Circumcised masturbation is friction.  And because of the shaft's missing skin, the shaft tissue becomes abnormally compressed and stifles the penis's nerves.  Many men report that "circumcised masturbation" is actually rough to the point of violent.  In contrast, natural masturbation is a "gliding action," and the penis's nerves receive a satisfying massaging action.  Masturbating with a foreskin is more comfortable and is infinitely more rewarding and pleasurable (according to the testimonials of men who have restored).

  • In adulthood, many men complain of discomforting erections because their diminished shaft skin is st-r-e-t-c-hed too tight.  The circumcised penis can become abnormally bowed—like a banana—because of this.  This abnormalizes the intercourse experience for both the man and the woman on the receiving end of the penis.

  • Circumcision alters a man's sexual functioning when it alters the structure of the penis by removing the foreskin—12-15 square inches of skin—and the penis's only moving part during intercourse. Of course, you can still have an orgasm, but you miss out on the true pleasures of intercourse.  With natural sex there is no frantic rush to have an orgasm and get it over with—instead, one purposely prolongs it to maximize pleasure.  And the pleasures of intercourse leading up to orgasm are at least equal to, or even exceed, the pleasure of orgasm itself.

  • Circumcision makes the penis head an external organ.  The penis head was designed to be an internal organ (covered by the foreskin during times of non-sex).  You'll notice in touching your glans (head of the penis) that it has little or no feeling.  This is because layers of tough skin have grown over the glans to protect its nerves from chafing against clothing.  This function would ordinarily be performed by the foreskin. 

You will only understand what "real" sexual pleasure is all about by coming to terms with this issue.  While this is painful to confront, by acknowledging it and doing something to correct it, you will actually be doing yourself a monumental favor.  You deserve it, and so does she.

Over the past 15 years organized opponents of circumcision have decried its painful, traumatic effects to the infant.  But Sex As Nature Intended It asserts that the negative consequences of circumcision go far beyond infancy and that circumcision is, first and foremost, a sexuality issue, with lifelong repercussions.

Foreskin restoration will markedly improve your sex life.  The book builds an irrefutable case showing that the foreskin performs several specialized functions during intercourse.  These special functions allow a man and woman to experience intercourse in accordance with nature's sexual plan—tenderly, gently, and lovingly—mutually sharing an experience that binds them so close it's as if the two were one.  But when circumcision removes the foreskin, everything changes—there's no easy way to say this—if you're having "circumcised intercourse," you're missing out on one of the greatest pleasures in life.  And your female partner, too, is missing out.

A man circumcised in infancy, who lives his whole life without a foreskin, only knows the one sexual experience—the circumcised experience. He is not aware that having a foreskin could make a difference, a superlative difference, in his sexuality.  And since a man's foreskin is an enhancement to the woman's sexual pleasure and her ability to achieve orgasm, having a foreskin will help you to become the lover she always wanted you to be. And this will increase your relationship happiness.

Sex As Nature Intended It reports the results of its unique survey of women who have had the comparative experience of sexual intercourse with both circumcised and uncircumcised men. These women overwhelmingly agreed that there are dramatic differences between "circumcised intercourse" (man has a circumcised penis) and "natural intercourse" (man has the natural penis provided by nature at birth). Surveyed women preferred the uncircumcised (natural) penis by a margin of 9 to 1.  Moreover, women were almost 5 times likelier to achieve vaginal orgasm when the man had a natural penis.

While this is important for you to know, the real reason for you to read this book is for your own sexual benefit.  Because in the end, YOU, the circumcised man, come out the winner.

As a circumcised man who restores his foreskin, you can experience virtually all the wondrous benefits that the genitally intact (uncircumcised) man experiences.  And importantly, your female partner will enjoy lovemaking with your restored penis just as much as she would if your penis had never been circumcised.  In other words, through the promise of foreskin restoration, circumcised men, and their female partners, CAN RESURRECT THE SEXUALITY THAT WAS STOLEN from them and discover together the "born again" pleasure of sex as nature intended it.

Still, you may read the above incredulously, thinking that the improvements could only be marginal.  But on the contrary, the book clearly shows that they are monumental.  As a restored man, you can look forward to phenomenal improvements in your sexual pleasure and functioningnew levels of pleasure beyond your highest expectationsunlike anything you've ever felt before.

What can you expect from restoration?—a rainbow of new sexual sensations and sensuousness, and new feelings of wholeness.

The book includes the voices of circumcised men who express their condemnation and regret at being circumcised in infancy without their consent.  And not to be missed are the fascinating, in-depth, before and after stories of men who restored (as well as the comments of other restored men), who talk about the prodigious betterments restoration brought to their sexuality.

And importantly, as stated, the book contains a simple, secret technique that can eliminate premature ejaculation.  Plus, another important tip for those men who have difficulty coming to orgasm due to the adverse sexual effects of circumcision.  And if your female partner has trouble achieving vaginal orgasm, it gives a technique that virtually guarantees her a vaginal orgasm every time.  This will lead her to wanting sex more often.  Moreover, the book offers several other mind-blowing techniques not found in any other book.  These tips alone are worth 1,000 times the price of the book; they will bring you sexual joy for years to come.

The preceding is reason enough to READ THE BOOK.  But if you are still hesitant, please read on. 

Regrettably, the negative effects of circumcision don't necessarily end at the sex organs.  The incompleteness, shortcomings, and dissatisfaction of circumcised intercourse, for both the man and especially for the female partner, can negatively impact the psychological attitude of one or both partners, which may lead to various degrees of relationship unhappiness, and marital bickering and discord.  (ALTHOUGH THE PARTNERS MAY NOT REALIZE THAT THE TRUE UNDERLYING CAUSE IS SEXUAL.) 

You may think that your female partner enjoys sex when you have it because she seems frantic for the pleasure, and she makes sexual noises.  However, she's not truly enjoying it, she's just trying to make the best of an imperfect situation.  In actuality, her actions and noises represent the sexual frustration she is experiencing.)  This can gradually erode the relationship and may eventually set the stage for divorce.  It is not just coincidental that the divorce rate in America is more than double that of Western European countries where men are not usually circumcised.

The above may seem like a drastic jump—from circumcision, to non-sexual arguments in the living room, to divorce court—but the book will open your eyes to how this tragic course of events can come about.  As a man who wants to maintain a successful marriage (or relationship), this book could ultimately keep you from experiencing a great deal of unhappiness and financial and emotional pain in your life—and bring you much joy instead.  One out of every two marriages in
the United States ends in divorce—you don't want it to happen to you.

The penis is the mutual sex organ of both partners—it receives pleasure and gives pleasure.  A woman may "ooh" and "ahh" during circumcised intercourse because she's just trying to make the best of it, but in the back of her mind she knows innately that "real sex ain't this way" and she longs for something more.  She longs for the natural/restored penis.  And the frustration this causes (on a conscious or subconscious level) may eventually cause problems in the relationship.  I'm trying to tell you this for your own good: If you really want to find out "what it's all about"— read this book.  And if you really care about maintaining love in your relationship, this book is indispensable. You don't want to wake up some day and hear those dreadful words, "I don't know what it is, I just don't love you anymore."  Yes—it's true—circumcised sex can cause that.

Few people realize that the sex organs are the very generators of love—without sex, you'd just be roommates. This book will help you to discover how important the sex organs are in generating the love bond.  You'll always be grateful that you read it.

I'm telling you all this because I care about you, even though I don't know you.  I spent eight years on this book (full and part-time) because I knew it would bring more love to the men and women of this country.  Sex is a primal drive and without TRUE SEXUAL FULFILLMENT there is a certain void in the pages of our life.  I want you and your partner to find "the joy that sex can bring when nature is on your side"—and the overriding positive benefits this will bring to your relationship happiness.

Even if you are young and think your sex life is satisfactory (the hormones of youth and the relative newness of the sexual experience may incline you to think that way), yet you will still benefit immeasurably from reading this book because it will forewarn you that "the aging circumcised-sex syndrome" will eventually catch up to you.  Isn't it better to be aware of the problem and to know that there is something you can do to correct it?

Now that the problems caused by circumcision are being brought into the open (Men's Health, July 1998; Men's Fitness, September 1999; Esquire, January 2000; GQ, February 2000; Hustler, March 2000, Wall Street Journal, Dec. 28, 2000, and many other newspaper stories and magazine articles around the country), isn't it better to face up to this situation now, before you and the woman you care for possibly end up as a divorce statistic?  Sadly, half of all marriages in America end in divorce—don't let it happen to you.

Unless you think your sex life is superlative—frequent, tender, gentle, softly sensuous, indescribably delicious, lustfully passionate, and loving, with the woman experiencing vaginal orgasm every time you have intercourse—you need this book.
  Unless she shows you sincere affection, and gives you passionate kisses in between sexual encounters.  Unless she can hardly wait until the next time you have sex—you need this book.  We could have titled this book,

and Have Her Beg For MORE!

This extraordinary book will set you free.  Free to experience your true sexuality for the first time.  Free to develop and experience a higher love for your partner, and she for you.  Through the miracle of restoration, you can both discover a deeper meaning to the word "love," and the innumerable beneficial effects it will have on your everyday relationship happiness.

There is a time and place for everything as humanity progresses down the path toward greater enlightenment.  Non-circumcision is simply an idea whose time has come.  Sex As Nature Intended It will change your life for the better.  To borrow an adage from the '60s,

"Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life." 

And the best is yet to come! 

So what are you waiting for?

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