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Let's get it right out of the closet. Gay men have sex with other men and are therefore enamored by the male sex organ, since it is the principle erotic focus in sexual activity. Although the book does not specifically address gay sex because it is a subject the female author has no direct experience with, it makes sense that if heterosexual sex is substantially improved when the penis has a foreskin, homosexual sex would also be significantly improved. Thus, you will find this to be one of the most interesting and informative books you'll ever read about the penis, even though it deals with heterosexual sex.

Gay acquaintances have told me that circumcision, and the foreskin, is a much talked about topic in the gay community. And gay men who have read this book tell me that they enthusiastically recommend it to other gay men, and men in general.

There are three main topics, discussed in detail and at great length, that should prove highly interesting to you. But first, if you are circumcised, let me ask you a question? Have you ever fantasized what it might be like to have a foreskin? Would it interest or excite you to learn that this book discusses how you can get your "foreskin" back again?

  • The Foreskin Restoration Revolution Has Begun. If you are circumcised, this book has much to offer you regarding your sexuality. In particular, one of its primary themes, running throughout the book, is its inspirational message concerning foreskin restoration (loosely defined as "regrowing" the foreskin using various non-surgical techniques that expand and extend the penile shaft skin). In fact, the lengthiest chapter is devoted exclusively to foreskin restoration.

    The chapter includes numerous voices of circumcised men who express their condemnation and regret at being circumcised in infancy without their consent. And not to be missed are the fascinating, in-depth, before and after stories of two men who restored (as well as the comments of other restored men), who talk about the immense betterments restoration brought to their sexuality. What can you expect from restoration?—a rainbow of new sexual sensations and sensuousness, and new feelings of wholeness. In the words of my restored husband, "It's too beautiful for words." And as another man said, "If I were to rate sex before my restoration, I'd give it a two. Now that I'm restored, it's a ten. How sweet it is."

  • A Sexual Comparison of the Natural (uncircumcised) and Circumcised Penis. Several chapters in the book discuss at length the erotic structure of the penis and how the presence or absence of a foreskin can have a tremendous influence on both sexual feeling and the sex act. The book is full of insights and explanations about how the penis functions as an instrument of sexual pleasure and is the first book to explain in detail the many sexual benefits and functions of the foreskin.

  • The Male Clitoris: Its Discovery, Pleasurement, and How It Affects a Man's Sexuality. Being a gay man, you may not be aware that the female genitalia has a specialized structure—the clitoris—that is the focal powerhouse of a woman's sexual pleasure. Up until now, sexual researchers believed that the clitoris was a structure unique to women only. However, it was recently discovered that the male, too, has a clitoris—the most erogenous tissue of the penis—the penis's primary focal point of pleasure. The discovery of the male clitoris, and how it is pleasured, is a major advancement in understanding both your own sexuality and the sexuality of other men. This is sure to be a much-talked-about topic among members of the gay community.

As mentioned, gay readers speak very highly of this book, and after reading it yourself, I feel confident that you will value it as one of the most important books you've ever read—if not the most important.

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[Author's Personal Note] The title of the book was conceived very early in the writing and was meant to convey (upon reading the book) that the foreskin is an intrinsic element in human sexuality. Recently, someone pointed out that the gay community, at casual glance, could misconstrue the title as anti-gay. Let it be known that the author is in no way, shape, or manner anti-gay or homophobic. I respect the rights of all consenting adults to their individual sexual orientation. And I believe that every person should be freed from involuntary genital alteration (circumcision) so that they may enjoy the full extent of sexual pleasure for which nature endowed them, regardless of sexual orientation. My philosophy is best summed up in the following quote by the poet, Rod McKuen: "It's not who you love or what you love, but that you love."

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