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Sex As Nature Intended It 

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As a man with a foreskin, you will really love this book! 

Why?  Because it is the first book to explain in detail the many sexual benefits and functions of the foreskin, for both the man and his female partner.

The luckiest day of your life—luckier than you can imagine—was the day you escaped the knife of circumcision.

Men with an uncircumcised penis who have read this book say they were "blown away" by what they learned. After reading it, they were imbued with a profound sense of appreciation for the gift nature bestowed upon them—a whole, fully functioning penis.

The book presents irrefutable evidence that, in addition to the continual protection the foreskin affords the penis head, the foreskin's inner lining is highly erogenous tissue, and most importantly, the foreskin plays an essential role in adult sexuality.

As the penis's only moving part, the foreskin performs a superSTAR role during the lovemaking movements of intercourse, adding immeasurably to the pleasure and comfort of
both sexual partners.  In short, the foreskin makes a superlative difference to not only the man, but also to the woman on the receiving end of the penis, exciting her to voluptuous levels of sexual ecstasy.

One riveting aspect of the book is its
unique survey of women who have had the comparative experience of sexual intercourse with both circumcised and uncircumcised men.  This was the first survey ever conducted on this topic.  The results are astonishing.  But very gratifying to a man with an uncircumcised penis. Three of its most significant findings were:

  • Women were almost 5 times likelier to achieve vaginal orgasm when the man had an uncircumcised penis. And they were significantly likelier to achieve multiple vaginal orgasms.
  • Uncircumcised men usually lasted longer. Conversely, premature ejaculation was significantly more common among circumcised men.
  • Surveyed women preferred sex with an uncircumcised penis by a margin of 9 to 1.  Not 2 to 1.  Not 3 to 1.   9 to 1.

Why would this be?  What is it about the uncircumcised penis that makes it more desirable to women and allows them to have greater orgasmic success?

You will learn all the exciting details when you read the book. But I can tell you this: No matter how good a lover you may think you are now, after reading the intriguing explanations on why the foreskin makes a profound difference for both partners, you will become an even better lover—a man flushed with confidence, knowing you possess the full sexual equipment nature intended and understanding how to utilize its many benefits.

You may have taken your foreskin for granted all these years; even been embarrassed about it (if you live in a circumcising country).  But after reading this book, you will realize the profound role it plays in giving YOU superlative pleasure and why the natural, uncircumcised penis is also nature's special gift to women.  As the book's author so aptly describes it "the key to a woman's sexual ecstasy is the foreskin of the penis."

However, Sex As Nature Intended It clearly shows that when circumcision removes the foreskin everything changes—the intercourse experience is astoundingly abnormalized for both partners.  The circumcised penis can often cause the woman discomfort and deny her the fulfillment of orgasm.

Women's comments and stories on the differences they noticed between "natural intercourse" and "circumcised intercourse"
are liberally interspersed throughout the text, allowing you access to  their innermost thoughts.  But men's comments also appear in the book.  I say this with all sincerity: If you are an uncircumcised man, this is a must-read book.

You may not be aware that throughout the world, most men  are uncircumcised (approximately 80%).  United States is one of the few countries that practices routine infant circumcision. Circumcision is not the standard in the world; it is the exception.

However, because the U.S. is a circumcising country, during your lifetime, you may come across powerful forces that seek to separate you from your foreskin.

Doctors  may oftentimes urge you to get circumcised.  Perhaps you have a foreskin that does not fully retract behind the glans (medically know as phimosis).  Doctors will usually recommend circumcision for this condition. Yet, the book presents a non-surgical solution to this problem, making circumcision unnecessary.

Doctors often recommend circumcision as a remedy for health problems that are readily correctable by other means.  For example, one man had a slight inflammation of the foreskin.  His doctor had only one word "circumcision," even though this type of minor infection can be easily treated with antibiotics (or without antibiotics click here). 

Or doctors may try to convince you to get your foreskin removed because you might have "problems" with it later. Or doctors may tell you that circumcision has health benefits (benefits recently discredited by both the American Medical Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics).

For some reason, doctors—who are usually circumcised themselves —are zealous in recommending circumcision for a variety of imaginary reasons. But after reading this book, you will be armed with the facts on how important the foreskin is and you will be on guard to ensure that an unnecessary circumcision doesn't happen to you.

American adult videos can often glorify the artificial, manicured look of the circumcised penis, thereby making an uncircumcised man think that maybe he should have a penis that looks like these celluloid studs. Also, because the circumcised penis is the norm in America, some women have been known to talk their lovers into getting circumcised as a prerequisite for marriage (not realizing that after his circumcision, her sexual pleasure, and his, will be diminished to phenomenal degree).

This book will make you wise to these pressures, and you will defend and protect your uncircumcised penis, knowing with certitude the reasons for its supreme value.

Another important point that may not occur to you until you've read the book is this: Having an uncircumcised penis and understanding the many reasons why it's presence is so essential to a woman's sexual ecstasy, and then being able to give her the ultimate lovemaking experience because of what you learned from this book means you'll have a significant advantage over men who are circumcised when competing for the more sought-after women.

Top 10 Ways a Foreskin is Better for Women - Click Here

After reading Sex As Nature Intended It, you will feel a new sense of pride in your penis. And will feel compensated for the taunts you may have received in the locker room for being the only kid with "an overhang."  Have you ever felt abnormal because all the other guys had prominently displayed heads? Have you ever contemplated getting circumcised, or at least wondered what it might be like to be a circumcised man?  Has a woman ever put you down for having a penis that differs from the "norm"?  This book will straighten out all those incongruities in your thinking and after you've read it, you will feel "cock sure" that having an uncircumcised penis is sexually superior.

One final consideration. Although the survey showed circumcised men are more prone to premature ejaculation, an uncircumcised man can also experience this problem. This tell-all book discloses a simple technique that virtually eliminates premature ejaculation, allowing you to prolong your intercourse pleasure for, essentially, as long as you want.

Or perhaps your female partner doesn't have a vaginal orgasm every time you have intercourse.  The book reveals a simple, comfortable, natural position that will not only become your favorite position, but virtually guarantees the woman vaginal orgasmic success 99.99% of the time. 

These two secrets alone are worth 1000 times the price of the book.

But there are other tips as well, guaranteed to blow your mind, including The Ultimate Sexual Ecstasy for An Uncircumcised Man, which you won't find any other book.

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Written in an easy-to-understand language and style, this landmark book will open your eyes to the innumerable joys of having an uncircumcised penis. You won't find a boring page. And when the book is ended, you'll think to yourself, "Man, this was one of the most important books I've ever read—if not the most important."


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If you have a son who is already circumcised, this book will give you valuable information about foreskin restoration—loosely defined as "regrowing" the foreskin using various non-surgical techniques that expand and extend the penile shaft skin. Although a restored foreskin is not an exact replica of the original foreskin, men who have restored speak glowingly of the increased sexual pleasure restoration brings. When the time comes, you can present this information to your son.

Or if you are intending to have a son, the book's information will enlighten you and strengthen your resolve to defend your son's right to retain the genitals bestowed by Mother Nature. You will stand tall against pressuring from doctors, friends, in-laws, or other relatives who want to circumcise. You will hold Sex As Nature Intended It up to them and say, "Read this book." You will thereby save your son from the knife, protect his manhood, and not compromise his future marital happiness.
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