Landmark book, Sex As Nature Intended, presents the most compelling case against circumcision ever written.  It is the first book to detail the many sexual functions of the foreskin and the definite, delicate, vital role it plays in enhancing the sexual pleasure and comfort for both the man and his female partner.

It is a little known fact that most of the world's men (approximately 80%) are not circumcised.  America is one of the few countries that practices routine infant circumcision.  Circumcision is not the standard in the world; it is the exception.

Until now, controversy over circumcision has focused on reasons for removing the foreskin. This book asks instead: Why is the foreskin there?

From this new perspective, the book looks at the fundamental structure of the male sex organ as nature designed it and propounds a heretofore unconsidered natural law—a sexual truth of nature: The foreskin plays a multifaceted role in the intercourse experience of both the man and his female partner, and the lovemaking couple can only hope to achieve their true potential for sexual ecstasy when the penis is natural, whole, and fully functioning.

Over the past 15 years organized opponents to circumcision have decried its painful, traumatic effects to the infant.

But Sex As Nature Intended It affirms that the negative consequences of circumcision go far beyond infancy and that circumcision is, first and foremost, a sexuality issue with lifelong repercussions.

In searching for the truths of this issue, the book addresses the following questions:

  • How does the surgical alteration of the penis's structure at birth—circumcision—affect the sexuality of a man when he becomes an adult?

  • How does the surgically altered circumcised penis affect the pleasure of the woman on the receiving end?

  • And how does sexual pleasure—or a deficiency thereof—affect the everyday relationship and the love bond?

In answering the above, the book builds an irrefutable case demonstrating that the foreskin performs several specialized functions during intercourse. These special functions allow a man and woman to experience intercourse in accordance with nature's sexual plan—tenderly, gently, and lovingly—mutually sharing an experience that binds them so close it's as if the two were one.

But when circumcision removes the foreskin, everything changes—the intercourse experience is abnormalized for both sexual partners.

Top 10 Ways Circumcised Sex Harms Women

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The book demonstrates that circumcision has untold adverse effects on the sexuality of both the man and his female partner and profound detrimental consequences on the way they experience intercourse, diminishing their pleasure to an astounding degree.

Cogent evidence is presented that the foreskin not only promotes ameliorated pleasure during the lovemaking movements of intercourse, but this enhanced pleasure also serves to enrich relationship happiness and continually re-cements the love bond, borne from sexual union. 

This discovery by Americans, en masse, is destined to become one the great burning issues of our time as it lights the twin revolutionary fires of greater sexual quality/equality, and greater love between the sexes. Indeed, America will be stunned to learn that our divorce rate is more than double that of Western European countries where men are not usually circumcised.

Bringing the importance of the foreskin into the spotlight would seem to present an insolvable problem since most American men are circumcised. But as noted in the opening page of this website, there is a solution—foreskin restoration (loosely defined as "regrowing" the foreskin using various non-surgical techniques that expand and extend the penile shaft skin). More and more, as men begin to read and hear that it is now possible to restore their foreskin, they are choosing to "undo" their circumcision and become "uncircumcised" again.

Still, the idea of foreskin restoration may immediately strike you as strange and bizarre, but as you come to realize the paramount importance of the foreskin to sexual pleasure (and the love bond that develops from sexual union), it will begin to seem a very reasonable solution for today's circumcised men.  

One of the most important aspects of the book is the results of its unique survey of women who have had the comparative experience of sexual intercourse with both circumcised and uncircumcised men, [published in a condensed statistical format in a special supplement to the BJU (British Journal of Urology) International, in January, 1999.]  Women's quoted comments on the differences between "circumcised" and "natural intercourse," are liberally interspersed throughout the text, maintaining reader interest at a high level.

Two of the many astonishing findings unearthed by the survey were:

  1. Women were almost 5 times likelier to achieve vaginal orgasm when the man had an uncircumcised (i.e., natural—as provided by nature) penis.
  2. Premature ejaculation was significantly more common among circumcised men.

All of the preceding concepts and many more thought-provoking revelations are brought to light in this extraordinary book.  Written in an easy-to-understand language and style—advance readers agree—this momentous book is destined to be talked about in whispers and in shouts as it captures the hearts and minds of our nation and ultimately brings an end to circum-cision in America. Non-circumcision is simply an idea whose time has come.

This book, by healing the sexual wounds of male circumcision—sexual dissatisfaction; lack of sexual fulfillment; discomfort, or pain, during intercourse; difficulty or inability to achieve orgasm during intercourse; rough, tough, even bang-away sex; lack of sexual desire for one's mate—will bring about greater respect between the genders, allowing the men and women of America to discover and experience a higher love for their partner. Ultimately, the book will enrich the lives of millions by vastly improving the lovemaking experience of countless men and women, every time they have sex, make love, and re-cement the love bond.

This timely book is a must-read for doctors, nurses, childbirth educators, marriage counselors, sex therapists, and anyone concerned with human sexuality. As a member of a profession that touches this issue on a continual basis, the public requires you to avail yourself of the crucial sexual, psychological, sociological, and medical aspects of this prodigiously important topic.

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